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Qompact® Roll Down Shutter System

We are proud to offer the Qompact® Roll Down Shutter System
Qompact® shutters are smaller than other shutters, and stronger. Traditional shutters require a large housing, ruining the look of your home.

Qompact® Roll Down Shutter System

Qompact® shutters have a much smaller housing (40-50% smaller) creating a much more appealing installation.
The Qompact® shutters are avaiable in automantic or manual operation systems. These shutters have been designed to operate in a smooth and quiet manner. Qompact® Shutters have been put through rigerous testing and outperform the competition. The hinges are about 27 times stronger than the competition. The single-walled extruded slats withstand sledge hammer impact, and hurricane tests.

Qompact® Roll Down Shutter System

What makes the Qompact® shutters system unique is the 10 unique slat systems ingeneously engineered to allow the slats to nest tightly with each other in the box. This nesting allows for almost no space between the slats, creating a compact roll and the smallest housing available.

Accordion Hurricane Shutters

Accordion Shutter System

Accordion Shutters
Another variation of hurricane protection is the accordion shutter. We are currently in the process of updating this specific page for our website. Please contact us directly so we can answer any questions you have, and prepare your property for the hurricane season.